Top SME Blog Posts November 2015

Our November round-up of the best articles and posts for SMBs, startups, and entrepreneurs contains a boatload of actionable advice whether you’re looking to grow your user-base, get more out of your office space, or generate more relevant shares for your content.


How A Hover-Board Company Built A Multi-Million Dollar Brand With Social Media

Today’s hover-boards are far from what the movie Back To The Future envisioned. The Uwheels company and its humble beginnings will teach you a lesson or two on building a profitable business. Read the post and learn how Uwheels generated millions of dollars in sales while landing retail and distribution deals using social media and influencer marketing!


Best Wireless Printer Reviews

Wireless printers allow you to scan, fax, copy, and of course, print! However, the best models go beyond these given features, equipped with add-ons and enhancement that save you time and resources. If you’re on the market for a reliable and fast wireless printer, check out this post from Blogtrepreneur which shows you the most important features to keep an eye on.


A Month’s Worth Of Simple Social Media Growth Hacks & Experiments

Building a marketing team or managing suppliers and vendors are often necessary for big businesses. But a young startup needs one thing more than anything else: growth! And Buffer’s Kevan Lee has a bag full of ideas for growth hacking to explode your social media reach – without exploding your expenses!


How To Increase Relevant Social Media Shares For Your Content

Not all likes, tweets, retweets, and shares are created equal. And if you’re wondering what the differentiator is, the answer is relevance. Think about it: which is better for your startup’s blog post – a share from a fashion model or a share from Warren Buffett? The latter of course! Discover how you can skyrocket relevant social shares from your content in 6 steps.


How to Get a Handle on Exorbitant Office Rents

Having your own office space is the dream, but the tight budget of startups meant these young companies must rent class B or class C office spaces. And office space rental can cost you a lot of money, making it the second biggest cost after payroll. Here’s how to escape the money-sucking effect of office spaces.


Job Applicant Background Check Basics for Employers

You want reliable employees that get the job done – and can be trusted! We’ve all seen office charmers that talk a good game during interviews, only to wreak hassle at the workspace. Fortunately, background checks can lets you see through the smoke by uncovering important information that applicants may hide. But before you run a recent applicant through a background check, here are 6 important reminders from Erin Mindoro.

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