Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Solutions allow us to help maximise the efficiency of your business. A managed print solution from COS Sales will not just save you money and increase productivity, but will also reduce your waste output, thus having a postive impact on the environment.

Our Managed Print Solutions are completely bespoke and tailored specifcally to your business. We will carry out an assessment on your current printing and copying workflow and analyze areas where you can save money and increase productivity. The areas we will focus on include:

  • Leasing Costs
  • Ink Spend
  • Toner Spend
  • Energy Consumption
  • Security
  • Document Workflow

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We collect the relevant data to help us carry out a detailed audit on your current situation, we can then put forward a bespoke Managed Print Solution that could potentially help you save up to 35% on your annual printing costs.

How can we make Managed Print Solutions work for YOUR business?

Advanced Print Monitoring & Permissions: Our Managed Print Solutions allow you to collect vast data on exactly where your printing costs are being accumulated. You can track printing by department or go even further and monitor each indiviudal staff members printing data.

You can use this data to help create a permissions process that can:

  • Restrict print volume
  • Restrict to mono only printing
  • Assign specific machines to certain departments

Print Flexibilty: Managed Print Solutions are not just about restricting processes, you can also increase workflow flexibilty by letting employees print to any device from any location.

Document Archiving: Save paper by not printing unneccesary hard copies. Document archiving allows photocopies to be stored on the machine ready for future use. There are no limitations to our software, we can even let each employee have their own archive folder. This type of paperless upgrade not only saves money but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

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