SMART Board M600 interactive whiteboard

SMART Board M600 interactive whiteboard

The world’s most popular interactive whiteboard now has dual touch, making it much more than solely a front of the room device. With dual-touch capability, students can now collaborate together at the front, or anywhere else in the classroom.

Dual touch capabilities

Support for two simultaneous touches enables two users to interact using pens, fingers or other objects.

Touch and gestures

Write, erase and perform mouse functions using a finger or pen. Intuitive gestures such as toss, rotate and zoom are also supported.

Freestyle interaction

The system enables two students to instantly start working together without having to switch to a multiuser mode or work in confined areas of the surface.

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

The standard for creating, delivering and managing all of your interactive lessons, you can also save any notes or content from the lesson to share with students – all within a single application.


SMART Ink is accurate and smoothes out digital ink to improve legibility as you write over applications, websites and videos.