Green Machines

COS Sales are proud to offer solutions that will not only help your business but will also help the environment. Our aim is to make sure all of our services are carried out and designed around the very latest environmental standards. We are fully aware that our commitment to the future of our planet is passed down to our customers through our Managed Print Solutions, so every step we take to reducing our carbon footprint, our clients take too.

A Managed Print Solution can help you reduce your evnironmental impact signifcantly. Coupled with increased efficiency and savings, a Managed Print Solution makes both business and ethical sense.

You can download the Konica Green Technolgies Brochure here which contains full information on their environmentally friendly machines. We have also created an infographic to show how Konica machines have become more enviromentally friendly over time, you can view that here.

If you would like to discuss our environmentally friendly machines in more detail please call us on 0208 527 4000 or use our contact form.