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Lightweight portable printing solutions

Are you looking to print your business materials but don’t have the space for a high-end floor-standing printer? A compact printer might be the best solution.

The small dimensions of these machines limit the size of paper they can use. But a small colour printer can be a hard-working companion for your office nevertheless. The best compact colour printers can have decent PPM speeds and deliver vibrant and colorful printouts to put your business in the best light possible.

If getting a small printer for your firm sounds like an excellent idea, we’ll guide you through some of the must-haves and nice-to-haves you’ll want out of your machine.

Size and weight are major considerations when looking for a compact colour printer.

You want one that weighs around 10 pounds or less so you can move it around the office as needed. A smaller footprint also means you have more desk space for other essential office supplies and documents.

If you want a printer you can pack along for travel, you’ll also find models with wireless connectivity.

Long battery life is a must-have feature if you want to go down this route. You want to check the manufacturers’ estimates and compare them with each other. The longer the battery life, the more standard pages you can print without having to plug the printer into an outlet.

The printer’s output is another factor to take into account.

To measure this metric, you want to check the quality of the printout. While print-quality issues like bleeding, streaking, and spotting are impossible to eliminate completely, you want a compact colour printer that keeps these errors to a minimum.

You also want to check the resolution, as higher resolution models can produce sharper coloured images and clearer black and white text. Granted, compact colour printers aren’t known for chart-topping resolutions. But you don’t want to skimp on quality.

Next on the list of buying considerations is the number of pages the machine can print in a minute.

Look for printers which measure their PPM according to the ISO and IEC’s standards. Consumers and companies around the world hold these testing standards in high regard as they’re the most reliable.

With the essentials taken care of, let’s move on to the add-ons and extras you’d want out of your compact colour printer.

Multiple connectivity options are always welcome. Most models let you connect to a PC or network through USB, Bluetooth, and/or wifi. If you plan to print remotely via tablets and smartphones, you will want a model that takes connectivity up a step with AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

If you want to see which compact colour printers are best for your organization, COS Sales and our expert service team can guide you in optimizing your printing environment. We hold the best models from the world’s most reliable printer makers.

And with our affordable printer leasing contracts, you’re empowered to outfit your office with the right machines without breaking the bank!

Contact us and let’s build you a printing solution.

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Popular Compact Colour Printers

The best printers from our current range as chosen by our team of experts. Alternatively click here to view our full range of colour printers.

Konica Minolta Bizhub c3100p
  • Speed: colour 31ppm; black & white 31ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 6,500 prints
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Ricoh SPC 340
  • Speed: colour 25ppm; black & white 25ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 4,500 prints
View Full Spec

Ricoh SPC 440
  • Speed: colour 40ppm; black & white 40ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 6,500 prints
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