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Monochrome or black and white printers are still the workhorse of choice for many businesses and offices! Print elegant black and white documents. Cut through printing jobs in half the time. All the while keeping your costs low.

Sure, office equipment makers release better and faster colour printers every year. But the best monochrome printers are not going out of production for one simple reason: Not all companies need to print in colour.

If you rarely print marketing and communication materials, a black and white printer can boost your office productivity and reduce your monthly printing costs.

Monochrome printers are faster and deliver cleaner text at a much lower cost per page than most full-colour printers. The characters they produce look more professional and have crisper edges, thanks to the toner fusing to the top of the paper.

They’re an excellent choice if your printing jobs mostly consist of black and white business documents, invoices and purchase orders, meeting agendas, and the like.

If you’re looking for a new mono printer for your office, you need to look into and weigh up a few important features in your purchase.

To start, you need to choose between an inkjet and laser monochrome printer. The best black and white printers run on laser technology, outperforming models from the inkjet category. Using laser brings faster performance, higher page yields, and better print quality.

Inkjets, on the other hand, are often easier on your budget. But quality can be a major issue among inkjet printers as the paper absorbs the ink, leading to softer edges and even blots or streaks.

Next on the list are the number of pages printed per minute and the duty cycle.

You don’t want the printer to hinder the workplace productivity, so look for a model that can finish print jobs fast enough. Most home printers can deliver up to 20 pages per minute. A sizable office, however, needs a faster machine. So go for a business-class unit instead as these machines can print 50 to 70 pages per minute.

The duty cycle, on the other hand, is the number of pages a monochrome printer can print in a month without breaking down.

A printer may have a decent PPM. But if the machine has a low duty cycle, it may crash in the face of the heavy workload common in shared office printers. You need to audit your monthly printing to know how much duty cycle is high enough and adjust your machine choice accordingly.

And last but not the least:

See if you can save more by getting a multifunction mono printer.

These black and white printers don’t just print. They also double as scanners, fax machines, and copiers. If you need the machines mentioned in your business, too, getting an all-in-one model may cut your costs and conserve precious office space.

Talk to COS Sales to enhance your office environment with a brand new black and white printer.

Not only do we carry the best models from the world’s most reliable brands. Our printers are also available for affordable leasing, enabling you to get the technology your business needs but without the heavy cash outlay.

And with manufacturer-trained engineers to provide support, fast call out times, remote diagnostics, and a personal account manager added to the service, COS Sales’ printers and leasing contracts will only improve your productivity!

Why consider COS Sales for your B&W Printer?

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  • Managed Print Service

Popular Black And White Printers

The best photocopiers from our current range as chosen by our team of experts. Alternatively click here to view our full range of colour photocopiers.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 4700p
  • Speed: black & white 47ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 6,500 prints
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Konica Minolta Bizhub 4000p
  • Speed: black & white 40ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 6,000 prints
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Konica Minolta Bizhub 3301p
  • Speed: black & white 33ppm
  • Paper size: A6-A4
  • Duplex mode (Double Siding)
  • Recommended monthly average: 5,000 prints
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