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Initially founded in 1994, since then we have enjoyed continual growth and developed three distinct brands sharing one goal.

We don’t just have mission statements, values and promises that are hidden away in a file somewhere and left to gather dust. We live and breathe them every day. Our core purpose is to deliver “excellent customer service and true value for money “. In addition to this we have our own set of Customer Promises:-

  • We will be attentive, friendly, polite, considerate and professional at all times.
  • We will provide accurate, timely information and advice.
  • We aim to get it right first time, every time.
  • We will be open and honest about what we can deliver.

Our customer promises describe what we stand for, the way we work or can be more simply described as “how we do things round here”.

By truly living our values, we create a great place to work and one where we surpass customer expectation.

Why choose COS Sales?

At COS Sales we like to keep things simple and efficient, so expect no hidden costs and jargon, just a bespoke solution tailored to your exact requirements.  We understand that every organisation is different and therefore welcome the opportunity to work alongside your ideas to create a system that will not only allow smoother workflow but also a significant cost saving.

Our packages include digital multi-functional devices, software, workflow, IT and AV infrastructure which together form the communication channels within your business.  COS Sales is an office equipment specialist, with a proven track record in the design of print, IT and AV technology solutions for both the public and private sectors. Our success has been entirely attributed to our commitment to customer satisfaction with over 95% of our clients regularly renewing their equipment and maintenance contracts. Our twenty year history has allowed us to build strong partnerships with the leading technology manufactures and finance partners, guaranteeing you not only the latest and best technology but also preferential pricing.